Saturday, May 25, 2013

My official ramblings, retorts, opinions and personal schtick

Since I had been participating in "Blog Every Day in May" (well OK I slacked off this week, but I was sick! I'll catch up I swear)...anyway, since I started participating I thought it might be wise to start my non-beauty blog for when I have those insightful moments(I swear I have them) or when someone, or something, or some blog, or article of the like ticks me off I can post here and rile up the occasional reader. Good idea? I think so. So I will try and finish up my Blog posts for May here instead of at All Kinds of Beauty or maybe I'll just cross-post and put it both places! Yay! that's about it...oh yes...the header and name and such. I'm a cynic...a sarcastic...a facetious kind of chick, but I'm also pretty rational, open-minded and like to look at the bright side, things will get better kind of girl...confused much? I'm a conundrum, I'm a hypocrite, I'm just like everyone else on this planet....sometimes life is good....sometimes life is bad...but life is always life.

Happily ever after rotted my's a funny little story I wrote one time for a friend....who got it published in the local paper...maybe I'll post it some time. ;-) Unfortunately life doesn't start with Once upon a time....and it doesn't end with Happily Ever After...but you might get a...."This will do for now..." and who's to complain about that?

Side Note: It's all in fun! :-P

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Every Day in May: Day 20

Get Real. Share something that you're struggling with right now.
Giving up.

 I'm not really someone who gives up...on anything. I guess you could say since birth I pretty much have been a fighter. Then, I was raised that we don't give up, we push on, get through it, work hard and do our best, but we don't give up. I've transferred that into pretty much every aspect of my life, whether it's school, work, hobbies, friendships, family, people in my family do not give up. We certainly do not give up on each other. Sometimes I think, well I know, I can be a little too trusting, a little too forgiving, I believe a little too much in change, that people can change, that if you trust people and you believe in them that your belief in them isn't for nothing, that they will actually change and be the person(s) you know they can be. So I suppose, for me, right now, I am struggling with the idea of when is the right time to give up, when do you truly know that you can no longer help someone? When helping them is causing more harm than good, for you and for them. I've been told sometimes you have to let go sometimes for people to finally get the picture, that when you stop helping them that maybe(and only maybe) will they start helping themselves, or they will hit bottom and hopefully start to crawl themselves out. But how do you do it? Part of me feels that it is inherently impossible for me to give up on someone, it;s not in my nature. I want to fix things, everything, especially things I care about. But then, at what cost? Making myself sick, physically and mentally, and it still doesn't change anything. But you keep trying, don't give up on people. You don't give up because it's inherently wrong, if you give up, what does that say about you? You're a bad person, you can't fix everything, you didn't try hard enough, you didn't come up with the right idea. Now, the logical side of myself tells me, you cannot save people, you can't fix people, only they can do that. But the emotional side of me says, what did I do wrong? What else can I do? I can't give up, giving up is wrong. 

So, what do you do? I haven't found the answer to that yet. I don't know how to give up, certainly not on things I care about. I suppose....I know there is some middle ground, where perhaps it is not seen as giving up, but letting go, although I am not sure I can separate those in my head, yet.